May 22, 2024

With two years remaining on his contract, the left-back is considering exercising his option for a contract extension.

While they could still be able to get a good price for him, Ipswich will be concerned that he won’t have much time left on his contract in a year, which would lower his value significantly.

Leif Davis, a left back for Ipswich Town, is a target for West Ham United, according to a Give Me Sport story from last month.

With manager David Moyes leaving at the end of the season, some may ask if he is still on the Irons’ radar. However, targets are identified by recruitment teams and those working behind the scenes.

It appears likely that the Tractor Boys will exercise their option to extend the player’s terms by a further year if Ipswich is unable to sign him to a contract by the time his current one ends in 2025.

There is likely a cap on the price they can want for the defender, though, given that he doesn’t have much longer remaining on his deal.

This summer, the Irons may benefit from such caution.

In addition to lessening the likelihood that Davis would try to negotiate a transfer, the Tractor Boys now have a better chance of securing a new contract from the player.

The time has come for Ipswich to sign the player to a contract, and because the team is now playing in the top division, it is hard to understand why the full-back wouldn’t want to sign a new agreement.

In addition to perhaps helping him financially, it would provide him more assurance about his future because the Tractor Boys would probably be able to offer him a significant pay increase if he gets promoted.

In the event that he signs a new contract, his value will increase even further, which would enable McKenna’s team to drive West Ham away from a move for the 24-year-old.


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