May 22, 2024

During Game 4 of the Cavaliers versus. Celtics, LeBron James received a standing ovation from Cavaliers supporters.

LeBron James attended the Cleveland Cavaliers vs. Boston Celtics game four in Cleveland. The crowd awarded the hometown hero—who helped the city win the NBA Title in 2016—a thunderous standing ovation, treating him like a king.

It seemed unthinkable once that LeBron left the franchise and was met with an ovation in Cleveland. When James unexpectedly left them in 2010 to join the Miami Heat, he may have already established himself as the best player in franchise history. That night, his jerseys were set ablaze across Ohio, but he made amends by joining the team again in 2014.

James led the Cavaliers to four straight Finals and won a championship with them in 2016. James faced an overwhelming Warriors dynasty in the three losses at the time, particularly in the 2018 NBA Finals when he carried the Cavaliers to the championship game by himself and allayed any last doubts about his loyalty to the city.

When he made his second departure from the team in the summer of 2018, everyone was aware of the decision. James can now bask in the affection he has earned for being the team’s all-time greatest player by a wide margin.

James averaged 27.2 points, 7.3 rebounds, and 7.3 assists per game while in Cleveland, winning one NBA title, one MVP award during the Finals, and two league MVPs.

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