May 22, 2024

Considering the current playoff struggle between the Cavaliers and Celtics, it’s difficult to overlook LeBron’s outstanding performances in previous series between the two teams. League insider Jeff Benedict disclosed in his book that the Celtics were built to impede LeBron James.

Formerly, the Celtics assembled a superteam to oppose LeBron James.”Danny Ainge and Pat Riley, who are currently managing the Celtics and the Heat, respectively, are the two people who understood superteams the best,” Benedict remarked. “What is he doing with [Paul] Pierce, [Ray] Allen, and Kevin Garnett throughout the whole thing? His goal is to defeat LeBron. Knowing how good LeBron is, he wants to make sure the Celtics can defeat him.

Following James’ 2007 NBA Finals appearance, the Celtics assembled their big three that summer and defeated James’ Cavaliers in 2008 and 2010. James overcame the hardship by building an even more formidable superteam in Miami, where he never again suffered a loss to the Celtics.

LeBron had several legendary performances against the Celtics, but those happened while he was wearing a Miami Heat uniform. One such instance was his amazing performance in Game 6 of 2012, where he scored 45 points and pulled down 15 rebounds to help the Heat overcome a 1-2 series deficit and win the series in seven games.

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