May 22, 2024

If Aston Villa makes it into the Champions League the following year, they’ll want to add more attacking options.

The Villans need to keep winning games till the end of the season because they are now fourth in the league after 32 games. They have to share the same points because Tottenham is breathing down their necks.

It will be difficult for Unai Emery to balance the Premier League and Europe, therefore he will need a large team. Villa needs to bolster their attacking midfield, which is why they are quite interested in Portuguese attacker Jota Silva.

A story from the Sunday Mirror (April 14, page 71) claims that Brighton, Wolves, and Fulham will compete with Villa for the 24-year-old offensive midfielder’s signature.

Jota is known as the “Portuguese Jack Grealish” because to his comparable playing style and appearance. For Vitoria de Guimaraes, he has been an exceptional player, tallying 14 goals and five assists in all competitions this year.

The player has an intense obsession with playing in the Premier League, and if the proper deal is made to him, he might consider joining. He would cost about £17 million and is regarded as a “rising star” in Portugal.

The player might contemplate joining the Premier League if the right offer is presented to him, as he has a strong passion with playing there. He’s valued at approximately £17 million and considered a “rising star” in Portugal.

The midfield player will likely not be in Portugal for the upcoming campaign, according to the source, and it is unclear if Villa would make a bid for him.

It would be tough for clubs to overspend, therefore Jota’s acquisition makes sense because he would be reasonably priced given the PSR regulations. Furthermore, Villa will have an easier time luring him away from rival teams if they win Champions League football.

After winning the March Player of the Month award in the Portugal Liga, there’s a good probability he’ll be enticed to leave Portugal in the summer. He is currently playing with a great deal of confidence, and Villa would benefit from having him.


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