April 15, 2024

Last week, college football  analyst Joel Klatt announced that Fox will broadcast both ohio state  and Michigan’s Spring Games later this April.

“Fox will be broadcasting the Spring Games for both Ohio State and for Michigan, and again that’s April 13 for the Buckeyes, April 20 for the Wolverines,” Klatt said on his show last week.

Kirk Herbstreit - IMDb

Klatt’s announcement has made its way across social media over the past few days – but apparently, it never reached ESPN’s kirk hrebstrit.

During a segment on The Pat McAfee Show this afternoon, the former Buckeye looked surprised to hear the news about Ohio State’s spring game.

“What do you think of Ohio State’s spring game being nationally televised?” AJ Hawk asked Herbstreit.

“Oh, here we go. There’s the Presidents [of Ohio],” McAfee added.

“I bet, yeah, that’s uh,” Herbstreit began, appearing slightly lost.

“He just found out! He just found out,” McAfee replied.

Considering Herbstreit’s hectic schedule, we’ll give him a pass here – but that isn’t stopping the rest of the college football world from roasting the ex-Buckeye this afternoon.

“Segment was hilarious. They’re on the ball with their alma mater,” Matt writes.


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