April 15, 2024

Pittsburgh For more than a month, the Pittsburgh Steelers have been connected to the Justin Fields trade situation. As free agency draws near, it seems like they could still be involved in a trade with the Chicago Bears.

In a ‘Pardon My Take’ segment, Adam Schefter of ESPN conjectured that a deal for Fields could be less expensive than previously thought. The original idea was to receive a first-round pick, but the compensation has been decreased.

“I think it’s pretty simple,” Schefter said. “Ryan Poles, the Bears General Manager, worked in Kansas City at the time that they traded for Alex Smith. They traded two twos to the 49ers for Alex Smith. Sam Darnold, to me, when you talk to people, might be the most relevant compensation comparison. The Jets traded him to the Panthers in [2021], I believe it was, and it was for a six that year and a four and a two the next year. So, three picks. A two, four, and six. And I think that the Justin Fields compensation is somewhere between what Alex Smith got and what Sam Darnold brought.

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“A two and a five. A two and a four. A two and a three. Something like that,” he added.

Schefter said on ESPN that the Steelers are “in the conversation” about Fields as teams leave the NFL Combine. Pittsburgh was reportedly one of three teams who expressed interest to Chicago when discussing a move for a quarterback.

General manager Omar Khan did not shut down the idea of acquiring Fields, telling local media he would consider all options during the offseason. Re-signing Mason Rudolph remains their top priority, but if Fields is available for less than believed, it could change their course of thinking.

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