April 15, 2024

Aston Villa will reportedly be offered two solutions to the ongoing Castore kit issue.

Players are unhappy with this season’s “wet-look” kits, which is failing to absorb their sweat, leaving players drenched in soaked, heavy shirts just minutes into Premier League

and Europa Conference League matches.

According to the Telegraph, kit manufacturers Castore have “identified the cause of the problem” and Villa will be able to choose one of two solutions that are available. The first will be for Villa to have an “entire new batch” of shirts provided, while the second is expected to be “small adjustments” made to the current strip.

The national newspaper also cite an “industry insider” who told them that “the ability of Villa’s shirts to effectively absorb sweat has been impacted by an imbalance relating to the logo of the club’s principal sponsor, rather than poor quality fabric.”

While no decision has yet been confirmed by Castore or Villa, it’s likely that the small adjustments will be chosen over a whole new batch of kits for the players. There has been no timescale provided either, but given the cause has now been identified, a solution is unlikely to take too long.

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