NEWS UPDATE: Tottenham’s talented and excellent player was….

It’s safe to say that Tottenham fans have fond memories of a certain Luka Modric from his time at the club.

The Croatian was brilliant for Spurs and has gone on to be even better than some ever imagined, mopping up trophies at Real Madrid and even being World Player of the Year in the process.

However, with Modric now playing a bit-part role in Madrid, the door could be open for Tottenham to make their move to bring back the legendary midfielder.

Luka Modric comments open door for Tottenham return

Carlo Ancelotti has opted to use younger midfielders this season in the main. That has left Modric on the bench and not playing as much as he’d like. Indeed, the Croatian has admitted he doesn’t want to be sat around not playing.

“It’s certainly a new situation for me not to play as much as before and as much as I’d like,” said the 38-year-old.

“I always want to play, I don’t want to have breaks, I don’t want to have vacations, I want to play because that’s when I feel the best and that’s how I prepare best for matches.”

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Spurs, then, would be well-advised to keep an eye on the situation.

That is, assuming Tottenham are in contention to win the league or finish in the top four at the very least by January.

As things stand, it appears that the Spurs will be included in that mix.

And if Modric is still not playing, he may be the ideal short-term addition to pull Tottenham over the finish line and bring some success to the club.

There isn’t a single Spurs supporter who wouldn’t take Modric back. And, while Spurs have several good younger midfielders doing well right now, Modric’s quality is on a different level than those in the current Spurs side.

Modric, of course, would have to be convinced that this is the appropriate initiative before leaving Madrid. But he will always have a soft spot for Tottenham, and the way Ange Postecoglou is handling things right now, it could be appealing to the seasoned midfielder.

Modric was sold for only £30 million by Daniel Levy. Returning in January and having a say in clinching the top four – or even better – might ultimately provide a welcome buffer to the impact of that low-cost sale.

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