July 24, 2024

After qualifying from Q School Event Two, Antoni Kowalski, 20, will join the professional circuit and will probably soon play Ronnie O’Sullivan.

Young gun Antoni Kowalski of snooker has made a cheeky jab at the biggest name in the sport, Ronnie O’Sullivan.

Whether he’s hinting at hanging up his cue or making fun of other players, The Rocket is snooker’s most known bad boy and attention-getter. However, it appears that the Polish hotshot has called out O’Sullivan, who made his debut as a whipper-snapper himself when he won the 1993 UK Championship at the age of just 17.

After dominating opponents like Simon Blackwell and James Cahill at Q School Event Two, Kowalski has secured a two-year ticket to the top snooker competitions. The 20-year-old smartypants may soon face up against the seven-time world champion on the professional circuit. And if that occurs, there will be pyrotechnics since, according to the Mirror, tensions between them are already rising.

Speaking candidly about O’Sullivan in a conversation with Metro, Kowalski remarked, “I don’t know how to say it, but he’s pretty arrogant.” “No, he’s a good guy, genius on the table for sure, he’s one of the best players of all time,” he continued with a backhanded praise. To put it another way, though, he’s not my favorite.”

Not content to stop there, Kowalski also threw some grenades at the snooker world as a whole. It turns out that he would much rather be somewhere else when it comes to relaxing and watching his friends fight on the battlefield.

“It might sound weird but I hate watching snooker,” he stated in response to a question about the demands of playing at the highest level. Every time I watch snooker and someone makes a mistake, I have the impression that I should “give me the cue, and I’ll show you how to do it.”

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