May 22, 2024

During the New York Mets’ opening homestand of the season, Carlos Mendoza faced a lot of early criticism. When choices didn’t turn out as planned, it was simple to second-guess them both at the time and later. Thankfully, the team is succeeding. Everything is cured by winning.

The lineup adjustments may have contributed to the team’s success. Mendoza has taken the same initiative in assembling the strongest lineup as David Stearns has in selecting a player from the 26-man roster. He has demonstrated an openness to trying new things. The win column clearly shows the advantages.

1) The Mets wasted no time moving Brett Baty and Francisco Alvarez into the middle of the order

Mendoza hasn’t done anything so drastic as to drop Francisco Lindor in the lineup during his slump, but we have already seen him reward hot-hitting youngsters Brett Baty and Francisco Alvarez. The pair are regularly batting right in the thick of the lineup.

Due to the hesitance of past managers and front office personnel, you weren’t right to believe the Mets might hold the kids back a little too long. It took only until the fifth game of the season for the Mets to move Baty up to the five spot. He is now regularly bouncing between there and the cleanup role.

Alvarez’s ascent was somewhat anticipated following such a strong season. He’s already starting to exhibit signs of developing into a more complete hitter offensively, going beyond just hitting home runs.

It is not surprising to see these two emerging stars rise and fall in that sequence. Their daily ensanguineity in the fourth through sixth positions is a welcome development. As luck would have it, it’s also effective.

Some managers could be reluctant to give more playing time to players who are productive. Not the Mets of this year. Perhaps they needed the humiliating defeat to start the year.

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