April 15, 2024

Georgia Football has been in the news this week. We can talk about the former Dawgs impressing at the combine. Honestly, I can write about that later, but the Dawgs are in the news because of Shane Beamer.

Beamer said this about Kirby Smart hiring James Coley away from South Carolina.

Look, I will keep my opinions of Shane Beamer to myself. But Beamer seems like a jealous ex and is hurt by the fact a coach would leave Columbia to go to Athens. First, let’s look at Athens vs. Columbia, South Carolina. Where would you want to live for a year? I’m pretty sure anybody would choose the Classic City over the giant hot parking lot called Columbia, South Carolina!

James Coley Asked A Fan On Twitter For Help With His Offense - Dawg Sports

Outside of that, there are other reasons why Coley would leave the Gamecock program for Georgia Football. The biggest one, I think, is that the Dawgs will compete for National Championships while South Carolina will compete for the Pop-Tart Bowls.

Furthermore, Coley left South Carolina because of familiarity with the staff in Athens. Sure, Coley and Beamer worked with each other in the 2016 and 2017 seasons, but Coley was at Georgia until 2019 and probably knows most of the staff at Georgia.

Also, what I find annoying about Beamer’s comments is that he knows the college football calendar has shifted, and with more college coaches leaving for the NFL, it creates an odd hiring period. Beamer was all bothered by a coach leaving right before spring practice. Kirby Smart has to deal with it, too, Shane! You are not the only one alone in this.

I just do not understand why Beamer is so upset over this. Rather than saying, “It is what it is,” and moving on with this life and coaching career, He gets upset and tries to take shots at Georgia and Coley.

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