The Ravens CEO made a sad announcement, He must be sacked

On January 20, 2024, in Baltimore, Maryland, during the second quarter of the AFC Divisional Playoff game at M&T Bank Stadium, Jackson #8 of the Baltimore Ravens reacts against the Houston Texans.
(Image via Getty Images / Patrick Smith))

The Baltimore Ravens were regarded as the Super Bowl LVIII favorites throughout the 2023 NFL season.

Given Lamar Jackson’s MVP-caliber play and the league’s top defense, it made sense that the Ravens were difficult to predict.

However, the team collapsed in the AFC Championship Game against the Kansas City Chiefs and head into the offseason with some questions to answer.

Jackson was recently awarded his second MVP, but the accolades aren’t helping the discourse around his playoff performances.

The quarterback is know 2-5 in postseason play and has some wondering whether or not he can lead a team to a Super Bowl.

However, his teammate Marlon Humphrey had his back in an appearance on Robert Griffin III’s podcast.

“I’ve just heard how good Justin Herbert is,” Humphrey said. “Like, and he is good. He’s legit….There’s plenty of quarterbacks that have not won a Super Bowl that are talked about (better) that are way worse than Lamar. It just doesn’t make sense.”

John Harbaugh confident Ravens will bounce back next season - The San Diego  Union-Tribune

The conversation about Jackson has gone too far the other way in Humphrey’s opinion and he has a point as other quarterbacks don’t receive the same amount of criticism that his quarterback does.

Jackson has a reputation for playing more like a running back, but that narrative isn’t true as he’s been one of the best passers in the league for years now.

Winning a Super Bowl comes down to talent and luck, and unfortunately for Baltimore, they didn’t have the latter.

However, Jackson will need to win at the highest levels in order to prove his doubters wrong once and for all.

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