News Now: Jaden Smith send a devastating note to michigan

Not many Wolverines supporters are getting the out-of-season experience they had hoped for following their team’s national title win. It has been tough to watch Harbaugh trade in so many vitally important Michigan football assistants for positions with the Chargers, forcing Sherrone Moore to fill in for them. There was always a hint that Harbaugh would fulfill his dream of winning an NFL Super Bowl.

Many supporters were curious about the potential effects of the coaching change on recruiting. When we found out that Jaden Smith, the nation’s top linebacker and the 278th overall pick, requested to be released from

Jaden Smith Birthday

The coaching turnover on the defensive side of the ball is an issue Michigan football will have to deal with, and could have a big impact on recruiting. The Wolverines have done a good job holding on to recruits so far and so Davis’ decision shouldn’t be viewed as some sort of doomsday judgment about the program, but rather a reality of what the Wolverines face as a team in transition trying to move forward.

It hurts to lose a four-star signee, but it’s part of doing business. Players are often close to the coaches that recruited them and now that all of those staffers are gone, you can understand why Smith and other recruits might reconsider. It’s just part of the business.

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