NEWS: Jeff Stelling advises a player worth £24 million not to sign with..

Aaron Ramsdale was advised not to transfer from Arsenal to Newcastle United.

What has Jeff Stelling stated on Newcastle United and Aaron Ramsdale, the goalie for Arsenal? Let’s examine this

In the January transfer window, Aaron Ramsdale has been linked to a move to Newcastle United. The goalie is no longer in Arsenal’s starting lineup.

Ramsdale was Arsenal’s starting goalkeeper at the beginning of the season. However, David Raya is currently the Gunners’ first pick.

Jeff Stelling announces he will leave Soccer Saturday and Sky at end of  this season - Teesside Live


Raya is currently on loan from Brentford to Arsenal. According to reports, the Gunners will finalize the agreement.

Ramsdale is amenable to a January deal to Arsenal, according to talkSPORT. Nick Pope sustained a persistent injury.

Newcastle is reportedly interested in signing the England international goalkeeper, who is valued at £24 million (The Athletic), according to The Sun

After presenting a compelling argument against Ramsdale moving to Newcastle, TalkSPORT host Jeff Stelling received support from former Sunderland player Ally McCoist

“He can’t let him go,” McCoist remarked of Ramsdale on talkSPORT on December 5, 2023, at 7:11 a.m.

“But if he does, what would happen when Nick Pope is fit again?” Stelling retorted. Would he not be in the same predicament as he is at the Emirates right now?

“Yes, that’s why I wouldn’t say it’s a non-starter, but that’s why I don’t think it will happen,” McCoist observed. In addition, on the other hand, what if Ramsdale goes to Newcastle and performs phenomenally, causing Arteta a great deal of trouble?

“He has an issue right now, but if he moves to Newcastle and plays brilliantly, your own goalie might start making a mistake or two all of a sudden.

“To be honest with you, I don’t see Ramsdale relocating in this window. He might relocate at the conclusion of the current campaign

“That’s a weird one, Jeff. I understand Arteta’s desire to have two players of quality in each position, but this is a little odd because most Arsenal supporters were pleased with Ramsdale.”

“I genuinely felt Ramsdale did a fantastic job, but it’s clear he fancied a change and went off and recruited his own man. Having said that, unless he has a strong run, I don’t see Ramsdale moving. He might do so in the summer.

What I Think: Aaron Ramsdale

In my opinion, Aaron Ramsdale ought to think about joining Newcastle United.

Aaron Ramsdale, the goalkeeper for Arsenal, need to think about going on loan to Newcastle United, in my opinion.

Ramsdale is an excellent goalkeeper who has demonstrated his ability to play for major league teams. After all, until recently, he was Arsenal’s top player.

The England international, in my opinion, would be a natural fit for Newcastle’s starting lineup. While it is true that Nick Pope will return at some point, a loan agreement would allow Ramsdale to assess Pope’s long-term prospects in the summer of 2024.

Arsenal wants to win the Premier League this season, while Newcastle wants to place among the top four teams.

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