May 22, 2024

Midway through the 2023 season, Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow sustained a wrist injury that ended his season.

After suffering an injury that left him hardly able to hold onto the football, Burrow was the subject of a lot of conjecture on his career’s future.

Joe Burrow’s wrist injury was deemed season-ending a week after he left the Thursday Night Football game against the Baltimore Ravens.

Burrow’s injury is thought to have occurred after Ravens pass rusher Jadaveon Clowney sacked him. After playing a brief stint in the game, backup quarterback Jake Browning took his place and would do so for the remainder of the season.

Burrow reportedly had a wrist ailment during the play.

Jadeveon Clowney struck the right tackle with a powerful blow.

Burrow completed his season with a touchdown pass after sticking around for one more play.

According to the team, Joe Burrow was tackled by Jadeveon Clowney, which resulted in his injury. Even so, Burrow was still able to throw a touchdown before taking off.

For the remainder of the season, Jake Browning will probably take over at quarterback.

As an NFL insider, John Frascella claimed to have heard from a source that Joe Burrow’s wrist will “never be the same.”


According to my Cincinnati source, Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow’s wrist will “NEVER be the same” after our conversation this morning.

Joe underwent surgery in Los Angeles to ensure that his bone grew properly rather than to repair his injury. Due to his bone’s need to…, Joe will always be vulnerable to injury.

According to Frascella, who asserts he was directly quoting an insider, Burrow’s damage included his bone, and the procedure was performed in Los Angeles, California.

World-renowned hand surgeon Dr. Tom Graham performed Burrow’s operation in Pennsylvania, and just the ligament in his wrist/hand was injured, according to USA Today and Enquirer Bengals beat reporter Kelsey Conway.

There are new information regarding Joe Burrow’s wrist surgery from the Bengals.

Burrow had surgery to fix his right wrist’s scapholunate ligament. According to accounts, the procedure was performed by famous hand surgeon Dr. Tom Graham in Pennsylvania.In this video, the absence of bone in the right wrist is clearly visible. Joe Burrow will definitely never be the same.

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