May 22, 2024

Ferguson has made a significant impression in Serie A at Bologna, and the club is anticipated to face competition from teams in the summer transfer window.


While Aston Villa and Nottingham Forest have been leading the Premier League interest, Juventus is also eager.However, Ferguson sustained an injury over the weekend against Monza, raising immediate concerns that it might be a devastating blow to his knee.


Bologna has now verified the worst-case scenario, stating that Ferguson needs surgery due to a cruciate ligament injury.

“Lewis Ferguson today underwent a medical examination which revealed that he has sustained an injury to his cruciate ligament,” the Serie A team said in a statement.


“He’ll have surgery, and we’ll evaluate how long he needs to recover.”
Given the recent setback, it seems unlikely that Ferguson will make a move during the upcoming summer transfer window.


How long he will be out of commission is still unknown.


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